Application Support

So your custom application or website—written a few years back—needs support. But no one in-house knows much about it or how to change it, much less how a change might impact business. Or worse yet, the system is broken and you don’t know who to call…

Like anything complex, your complex software system needs the right support to thrive. Check to see if yours is getting what it needs by asking these questions: Are changes to the system being cataloged, communicated, and documented? Are protocols such as release-management and change-review in place and operating according to your business needs? Do you have a clear, written service-level agreement, and are expectations understood by all parties? A NO to any of these may indicate vulnerability.

Electric Software can help you eliminate vulnerability. And we can do it economically by listening closely and matching the right level of support to your needs, investment requirements, and budget. Once we’ve chosen a solution, we’ll pursue it with smart coding: small and continuous improvements on your system not only increase ROI, they also improve the system without the headaches of availability outages. And we’ll keep you close to the process: it is always our intent that the customer know the product and how to support it. We want your transition away from us to be a simple one.

In fact, we’ve worked hard to make the whole process simple. Each of our experts—the business analyst, project manager, software engineer, and architect—is at the customer’s disposal through ONE person. You get all of Electric Software working in concert, at a single valuable rate, accessible through a single valuable point-of-contact.

You’ve designed and implemented a system that fits your unique needs. Protect your investment by hiring a team that is passionate about software, expert in support, and creative in every project we touch. If you have questions on how to evaluate your system, start a conversation with us today – we’ll be happy to help.

Infrastructure Support

“Our users can’t work.”
“Tech issues aren’t getting resolved fast enough.”
“We’re spending too much time on the wrong things!”

Sound familiar?

Some work is truly important. Other work, like fixing a network snafu…well. At Electric Software we understand that solving a technology issue is rarely at the top of the important list, but it usually tops the urgent. Our job—as we see it—is to deal with the urgent so that you can simply do the work you do. Our unique process for simplification has saved our customers thousands of hours, time and time again—hours that can be spent seeking new opportunities, improving relationships with clients, and greatly reducing the amount of work-day stress. The world is changing, in countless ways and at ever-increasing rates. Rather than ignore this fact, we embrace it by pushing technology to the background so that you are free to remain nimble in responding to the rest of life.

Let Electric Software keep your tech issues out of the way by supporting your entire infrastructure: computers, network, servers, printers, databases, email, users, desktop applications, disaster recovery planning, routers, and switches. Whether you’re a one-desk shop or an institution, we have the right support fit. No matter what the level of tech support, you’ll get quick attention and timely resolution. And because we’ll work according to your customized 3-year roadmap, you’ll always know the health of your technology and data. No more reacting to tech problems; with Electric Software you’ll be planning for opportunities. 

Technology only makes our lives easier when it works and stays out of the way. But keeping it working and in the background requires quick, proactive, expert management. Rather than try to manage technology issues yourself, try hiring an entire tech-support machine, a machine that you can “set and forget” so that you can get on with life.


Are you ready to upgrade to Business-class tech support?  Start a conversation with us today…

Development Support

Ever had a software change that did more harm than good? Or missed expectations? Do even the words software change cause you to lose sleep? Electric Software’s proprietary process for software change and release prevents these software management pitfalls. We employ a rigorous process of solid feature management. Instead of avoiding change or pretending it doesn’t happen, our methodology manages and plans for it.

Or maybe you’re fond of change, but what you and your organization intended as a stream-lined improvement has turned into chaos. Typically, new ideas for process/business improvement can come from all areas of the business, and a creative culture is a good thing. But it can also lead to an expensive project or ever-expanding timelines or both. Electric Software can bring an objective, proven process to the table so that your software change does what it’s intended to—improve business.

So before you throw just any warm body at your next software development project, consider engaging with a team of trustworthy and passionate professionals, highly trained to deliver right-fit solutions. For about the price of an onsite developer, you’ll gain the expertise of an architect, senior software engineer, business analyst, project manager, and help-desk technician.

For more than a decade, our team has been building a reputation and a proven track record in custom software development by:

  • driving internal and external design reviews
  • identifying product requirement or performance issues
  • challenging existing paradigms resulting in large quantifiable improvements
  • helping to establish or justify company policy and improvements
  • serving as technical specialist for the organization
  • conceiving plans and conducting research in problem areas or in new technology of considerable scope and complexity
  • presenting and advising to other managers, executives, and customers on the team
  • leading projects and carefully managing expectations for a broad and diverse group of users
  • constructing and delivering our jokes in English. Bonus

Whether you need management for an entire project or help with a narrower aspect, Electric Software’s Custom Software Development Support Team can help take your vision from inception to delivery.

Are you ready for a software change that works? Start a conversation with us today.

Our team is fluent in a full range of skills:

  1. .NET 4.0
  2. c# and VB.NET
  3. SQL Server 2005/2008 development
  4. advanced schema and database design
  5. Entity Framework 4.0
  6. ASP.NET
  7. ASP.NET MVC 3.0
  8. Winform development
  9. WCF, WF, WPF
  10. PHP
  11. mySQL
  12. Advanced .NET memory management
  13. Custom Great Plains customization, development, and deployment
  14. Orchard CMS customization, development, and deployment
  15. Sitefinity CMS customization, development, and deployment
  16. Extensive experience with RDBMS
  17. Object-oriented analysis and design
  18. Design pattern evangelism
  19. Champions for a hybrid-agile approach to solution development
  20. Unit Test automation with NUnit and MS Test
  21. Continuous Integration development and deployment with TFS and CruiseControl.NET
  22. Complicated report development with Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS)
  23. Team Foundation Services configuration, development and deployment
  24. DNN development and deployment
  25. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and AJAX
  26. XML/Schema development, parsing, storing and using
  27. JBoss/J2EE
  28. Source Code Control (SCC) with TFS, Subversion, and Mercurial
  29. Infrastructure management of IIS, Windows Server, SQL Server, and Exchange

Trustworthy Software Development.

Looking for help with your custom software development project? Don’t know where to start? Before you throw a warm-body at your project, consider engaging with a team of trustworthy and passionate professionals that are highly trained to deliver right-fit solutions. For roughly the price of one full-time, onsite developer, you will gain the expertise of an architect, help desk technician, Sr. software engineer, a business analyst and a project manager.

Ever had a software change that did more harm than good? Or missed expectations? Our proprietary process for software change and release prevents all of these pitfalls of software management. We employ a rigorous process of solid feature management. Typically, new ideas for process/business improvement can come from all areas of the business. That’s good. But it can also lead to an expensive project or ever-expanding timelines, or both. Our methodology plans and manages for change, rather than trying to avoid it and pretend that it doesn’t happen.
Address:P.O Box 830, East Lansing, MI 48826

Our Team

Chris: Customer Advocate, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Software Developer
John: Chief Systems Technician, Hardware/Software Specialist
Chris: Sr. Software Developer, Integration and Automation Engineer, Star Wars Expert
Melissa: Business Manager, Numbers Guru, Accounts Receivables/Payables, Budget Enthusiast
David: Owner, Architect, Process Maestro, Joke Connoisseur
Greg: Software Developer, ASP.NET/Database and Business App guru
Jeff: Software Developer, mad .NET skills, Orchard/MVC expert